IGEMA - Kesselüberwachung, Dampf- und Wärmetechnologie

Boiler Monitoring, Heat & Steam Technology

Boiler Monitoring, Heat & Steam Technology

IGEMA is your partner for safe operations of steam boilers and efficient use of the energy generated. Since the start-up in 1919 IGEMA have committed themselves to steam.


In many decades IGEMA has decisively shaped the technologies for liquid level monitoring on steam boilers with innovative product ideas.


IGEMA products are used in the field of steam energy generation and processing for industrial manufacture. The main strength of the company is in the area of installations with high pressures and temperatures.

IGEMA - Mechanische Niveauanzeiger



Mechanical level gauges


Indicating, limitating and controlling the level
Reflex level gauges // Transparent level gauges // Bicolour level gauges //
Magnetic level gauges // Remote water level gauges

IGEMA - Schwimmerschalter



Float switches


Limitating and controlling the level

IGEMA - Elektronische Kesselüberwachung und -steuerung



Electronic boiler monitoring and control


Limitating and controlling the level // Conductivity limitation
Limiter // Controller // Conductivity Limiter // Remote water level gauges

IGEMA - Wärmetechnische Anlagen und Behälter

Heat engineering installations and vessels


Using steam energy economically

Steam dryer // Steam distribution station // Deaerators and water supply tanks // Flash vessels and condensate tanks // Steam cooling and pressure-reducing units // Condensate collection and condensate return systems // Blow-down flash vessels // Brine coolers // Hybrid Reliability is our strength coolers // Clean steam generators // Heat exchanger units