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New partner from 2021: Albrecht-Automatik


We look forward to welcoming Albrecht-Automatik as a partner in the new year. The German company has existed since 1958 and is one of the leading manufacturers of quick-acting safety valves in the oil, gas and steam sector. Albrecht-Automatik supplies customers worldwide.

Innovative, reliable safety shut-off devices

Safety quick shut-off valves avoid dangerous operating conditions and protect the system. If the auxiliary power fails, the valves close by spring force within 1 second / in a control function within 5 seconds.

The Albrecht-Automatik production range is characterized by individual fittings for oil, gas and steam. Very special for the production programm are compact systems for the power generating and chemicals industries.

The high quality of the products is guaranteed by a certified quality assurance system and a large number of approvals.

Service in Austria for Albrecht-Automatik products

We have succeeded in being the only partner to take over the service for all Albrecht-Automatik products in Austria. We will soon be expanding our team with our own specialized service technician!

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