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Pick Heaters – a new partner on board!

Since 1945 Pick Heaters has been the leader in Direct Steam Injection. Pick Direct Steam Injection (DSI) Systems heat any water-miscible liquid or aqueous slurry instantly on a continuous straight-through basis. Plus, they hold the outflow temperature to extremely close tolerances, regardless of fluctuations in steam and water pressure and process flow rate. The Pick System injects steam into the liquid through hundreds of small orifices for instant and uniform blending.

The Pick Heater is designed for low velocity mixing with little or no pressure drop. All steam is condensed within the heater body, with no downstream straight-run piping requirements. Pick Heaters can cut fuel costs as much as 28 percent compared to indirect shell-and-tube or plate heat exchangers with 100 percent of the heat energy in the steam absorbed by the liquid.

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