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RTK® Angle Bottom Blowdown Valve

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The RTK® Bottom Blowdown Valve, is ideal for optimizing equipment efficiency and simplifying blowdown operations. Unlike the globe Bottom Blowdown valve designed for industrial boilers with pressure PN40, the angle design manages and reduces pressure for DN 20 / PN 63 to DN 50 / PN 160 applications. This means there is no need for frequent replacement or valve rebuilding during routine maintenance.

The RTK Blowdown Valve’s hardened trim and flashing resistant seat protects the valve body from the effects of cavitation and flashing.. No need for frequent replacement or valve repairing during routine maintenance.

Features and Benefits

  • special hardened valve trim material that reduces leakage
  • stuffing box and high external tightness from high-grade grooved metal gaskets translates into less maintenance
  • the valve’s special guided cone head construction results in less vibration
  • reduced area cross-section of bonnet zone means there will be fewer pressure shocks

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